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    Lightbulb Best ideas to sorting

    I'm creating a personal Fine Art gallery. I wanna show art works at first page But I can't decide how sort them with conditions below:
    There is no name and creation date.
    I don't wanna sort theme by uploading priority.
    Maybe I need to spot some kind of personal priority but I don't have any idea about it and how manipulate it.
    I'm using Yii framework and mysql.
    Any idea?

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    Based on the lack of information we have so far, all I could suggest is sorting by the image file's timestamp (or better would be the upload date/time if you store that in the DB?).
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    I suppouse you would like give possibility to sort images to user, (anyway if you want sort it via time add, best way is order it by id), so, if there is model like Gallery (of images) maybe you should store tuple of ids of images from the galery (in DB as a text object). After read cast it to tuple, and you have expected order. Hope I help.

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    Thank you NogDog and tejas. I'm working on your ideas.
    I convinced my customer to give me each artwork creation time. I sort them based off it, temporarily.
    His artwork are very diverse but his 20 recent works are the same and have one type. I wanna show visitors most types of his works, otherwise the visitor thinks he just work on one type.
    I don't want to categorize his works because I think it's not a good Idea in a personal fine art website.
    A good idea is to use random sorting but it makes trouble for the visitor next time he/she back and want to find an specific artwork.

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    Hello Friends!!
    Am going to make website of my own but I confused that what facilities or Information I can give from it to people so that my website can be popular. Please help me in what topic I should make it.
    ------------Thank you--------------

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    Hi BikramDas actually you does not explain details about your website topic.

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