Hello all

Would anyone be interested in helping me test a little web app I'm working on?

It's a Dropbox gallery exporter, so you will need a Dropbox account.

Some technical details: The app requires full Dropbox access, but this is only to get a list of folders and navigate through them. No files are stored on my server, everything is done through Dropbox and your browser. The whole things is done in javascript/jQuery using the "official" javascript implementation of the Dropbox API (https://www.dropbox.com/developers/core/sdk).

Usage: After logging into Dropbox and connecting the app, choose a folder which has images you want to export. You can either save the gallery inside the app's folder in your Dropbox (you can export multiple galleries with generic names gallery.html gallery(1).html gallery(2).html etc) or download the HTML file directly from Dropbox.

The app is in a pretty early stage, but I would like to start getting feedback and make sure the core of the app is working. I plan to add customization options for the gallery, different styles etc.

Link: http://www.fourtonfish.com/dropshowgallery/
How-to: http://www.fourtonfish.com/dropshowgallery/howto/

If you prefer, you can send me any feedback and suggestion to stefan@fourtonfish.com (there is also a contact link on the app page).

Thanks a lot