Hello Recently I Published My New Website and i want to add signup/login system in my website for my members i wanna know how can i do this?

+When They Sign Up To My Website they will get a referral link also.

so when a member(of my website) invited a his/her friend they will get some money

+The Referral Link give some money also whensome one visit

Like For Example: A member sign up on my website.he/she will get referral link if someone click on that referral link so the member get .001$ and if someone click & sign up .001$ + 0.01 = 0.011$ Total so the member get .00
1$ for visit & 0.01$ For Sign Up.

The Last Feature : I want to add a earning Tab Where My Members Can See How Much they earn how many people click there link how many referrals get I mean they will get full stats.

Thats All I want on my website
If anybody help me i will very thankful to him/her.