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Thread: Best place to host a php based website?

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    Best place to host a php based website?

    Hi there!

    So, i have this online, video based product that i'll offer to the market soon. My intention is to develop the website in html/css + PHP. Nothing fancy.

    It's sort of a start up venture, so i'm taking scalability in consideration. My product will solve a huge problem, but to a very specific niche in my country..so i'm considering a traffic of, maybe, 100 thousand people (max) on the first 6 months.

    So... where do you guys suggest to host my domain? And what kind of plan? VPS hosting?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Honestly there are a lot of good hosts out there and it completely depends on your bandwidth needed (if your "video product" involves streaming / downloading of video), and if there are any special considerations in your PHP programming (so you need access to non standard program installs on the server, etc). IF your app only uses standard PHP functions, you dont need root access to a server, or monster bandwidth for file transfer...a lot of inexpesive hosts should be fine. If you do have special needs, a private server may be necessary and is much more expensive.

    I typically need access to many non standard libraries, perform frequent updates, and have to manage large files, so I host my own servers on my own network...that makes file management by internal employees immediate, no need for FTP etc.
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