Hey im currently looking in to making my own website. Im familiar with java but not javascript and i work in SAP. So its a bit different for me im looking for a couple of things and wondered if theres any tutorials about. the first one was a dropdown banner. Like designmynight.com there login and search functionality how that drops down from the top and covers the banner. Also im looking to get a twitter feed but i want it to be scrolling i want it to get the tweets soo when any one tweets like @j0rd4n500 It would come up in the twitter scroll. but i want it to keep going round maybe the last 10 if a new ones not added. Also a slider for images etc but i want like 5 images and i want one to show in big then the other 4 like cut and to the left or right.

I know im being specific but i do really just want some help or tutorials i dont expect you to design it completely for me but if you want to you can