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Thread: Iphone videos mime - help

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    Iphone videos mime - help

    Hi I am trying to write a html5 web iphone app.

    The app looks on a remote server for video files and then plays them. Trouble is although bog standard mp4 files they have a strange file extension.

    I can't change the mime settings on iphone or server, can't rename the videos.

    Using javascript / jquery is there any way over overriding the the mime setting

    If not is their a custom video player (jquery) that will ignore the mime setting

    If not can you create an object link to the file (with the correct mime type) and pass this to the video tag ?


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    Anyone ?

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    are the videos long or short?
    if they are short clips, it should be theoretically possible to use binary ajax to grab the bits, and then use window.URL to turn the file in RAM into a url with a new mimetype that the video tag can accept. in theory.
    the other potential for that is using dataURLs (again with any mime type you want) to feed the video tag the video data from a string.
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