I'm new to JQuery, but I feel I can grasp it pretty quick with the help of a few boosters. I'm using this script that creates a dialog box on my site for my form field. Now I want to load some value into the form after the form loads in the dialog box. I feel that I have the correct code to do so, but I'm having issues kicking off the function.

jQuery(function ($) {
var contact = {
    message: null,
    init: function () {
             //code that loads the form field in the dialog box
            onOpen: contact.foo,
            onClose: contact.fooagain

    foo:function() {
        contact.readyFields; //this is where I'm calling my function

    readyFields:function() {
        //code that loads additional form default values 



With the part highlighted in bold, Firefox reads that "readyFields" is indeed a function but for some reason it doesn't initiate. Any suggestions?