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Thread: Which CMS is light but still has variety of plugins and themes?

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    Which CMS is light but still has variety of plugins and themes?

    I am going to start a website with news articles, reviews, and maybe even tutorials or how-to guides. I am trying to figure out the best way to manage all this content... I have no problem coding something by hand but I don't want to re-invent the wheel. My ideal CMS software will let me easily manage posts, allow comments, and have a wide variety of themes and plugins available to customize it however I want. I don't like the idea of using Wordpress for this because it feels bloated and is more tailored towards bloggers. However, I am not entirely dismissing it if someone has a good argument for using it. A few others I've looked at were Joomla! and Drupal.

    I am new to the world of CMS/Blogging and could try out each one until I find one I like but that could take a while. I would prefer to hear from people who have been doing this for a while and have more experience than I.

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    Well, looking at your requirements and purpose, if I were at your position, I would have gone for Wordpress as it available in 120 languages, 2,502 free themes & 30,962 plugins, whereas Joomla has only 8073 extensions and Drupal serves 26,545 Modules & 1,979 Themes. Additionally, Wordpress is the most used CMS in the industry where sites like TED, NBC Sports, GIGAOM, TechCrunch, CNN are built on Wordpress. I do believe that, by choosing Wordpress as your CMS you won't regret.

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    I second that. Moreover, even the most complicated Wordpress configurations can be lightweight from the point of view of end-user and search engines (there are many good cache pugins and other methods of speeding up like adding expireas headers, using CDN etc).

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    I'm laughing pretty hard... that someone would use the word "lightweight" and "wordpress" in the same sentence.

    Honestly, all the systems listed have problems... Garbage markup shoved down your throat, crippled skinning systems, over-reliance on JavaScript to do things that shouldn't even take scripting, and in many cases a "security, what's that?" attitude. Turdpress in particular raises my ire on that, with it's "I can haz intarnets" markup and insecure by design codebase.

    Pretty much if you come across a system dumb enough to leave the SQL connection in global scope, and then even dumber puts the login information into DEFINE, you should know enough to run. Run now, run fast, run far -- but most importantly run... and that's turdpress in a nutshell.

    Much of the problem with such systems is the "Square peg in a round hole" scenario. Magento is a e-commerce system, people try to force it to produce a blog... Turdpress is a blogging system, people try to force it to do e-commerce... the net result is never really satisfying and most always a train wreck of garbage code and broken functionality; on top of systems that to be frank, are train wrecks of garbage code and broken functionality.

    Really compared to a custom solution they are ALL garbage. Sure, it's more work, but that's why if you are doing this for business it's called "work" and not "happy happy fun time"!

    Crapping together off the shelf solutions is just a sleazy shortcut that will cost you more in the long term. My advice, DIY, at least then you have proper control and aren't using a deuce and a half lump to pound that peg into the wrong hole.

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