Magento vs Joomla vs Drupal vs WP?
I need a site that I can easily add/edit/delete products. I AM NOT an HTML junky! I know enough to navigate the web, install programs, post images, upload videos, etc.

Let's say I go to a trade show in HongKong. I see a widget I want to sell. I take videos,pictures and type the specifications, SEO keywords, my purchase price and WALAA the product is LIVE.

* I use Paypal
* I need to enter the price I pay for a product and based on my margins It sets the price on the public site and is self propagating.
* I have reps and distributors. Each with specific buying discounts.
* Reps and distributors need to log in with username and password to view discounts
* Hierarchy: I am God, Reps have assigned distributors. I assign rep (A) to distributor for (NYC) and rep (B) to (Brooklyn). NYC logs in and places an order and rep (A) receives a commission.
* Payment choose paypal or direct order (Purchase Order)
* formula: cost x3= retail cost x2-20%= Rep cost x2-10%=distributor
* need multiple options like colors and sizes volume discounts.
* need video embedding (youtube or vimeo)
* prefer to be able to work offline. When I travel internet sketchy at best. I need to work as much offline as possible and upload changes.
* I am Mac only. Apps must be Mac compatible.
Right now I am using RapidWeaver It only offer 70% functionality of what I need.
Can anyone make my dreams come true?