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Thread: Uploading big video files.

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    Uploading big video files.

    Hello everyone!
    I'm working on developing website on Drupal 7. And I have to write o code for uploading big video files, idea same like youtube uploading files for example. I'm beginner in PHP and Drupal programming. But I have solve this situation, may be anybody can tell me from where to star with writing this code or some steps from where I have to start.

    Thank you!

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    As a default, PHP's file upload size limit is set pretty small. You first have to decide what size of files you are going to allow to be uploaded and if they are very big, you might want to investigate a boxed solution since it will actually involve a few different components, like a progress bar.

    PHP can only do the server side precessing of the received file, which is not too hard and there should be a lot of discussion on this forum about file uploading.
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