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Thread: postition problems

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    postition problems

    im trying to get generic position for these divs i have
    i dont care where it is on the page, but i want all of these divs to have top:0px; and left:0px; in the same spot so i try to set this and i try all of the position values: static, absolute, fixed, relative and inherit.
    absolute and fixed break the positioning in a way i do not want. each div i am working on has a "shadow div" and the whole point of all of this is to get each yellow div on top of its red "shadow div". absolute and fixed make this impossible i think.
    static, inherit and relative do not change the top:0px; left 0px; spot
    any ideas guys?
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    found the solution tyvm
    To position divs on top of one another give each position:absolute and wrap them all in another div with position:relative

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