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Thread: What are the best alternatives to Adobe PhotoShop CS6

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    What are the best alternatives to Adobe PhotoShop CS6

    What are the best alternatives to Adobe PhotoShop CS6? Please share your answers...

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    Adobe Photoshop Express
    This express version of Photoshop allows users to quickly edit images online. Photoshop Express is easy to use, professional and gives you 2 gigabytes of photo storage for free.

    Gimp or GimpShop
    Gimp is the most popular Photoshop alternative, with many tutorials available. GimpShop is a special version of Gimp made to resemble Photoshop.

    SumoPaint allows users to edit images or create designs from the Web. SumoPaint's features include layer effects and the ability to use fonts from your computer.

    Phoenix is part of the Internet design suite named Aviary. Phoenix provides popular Photoshop features such as alpha channels and masking abilities.

    SplashUp allows users to edit images from websites such as Flickr and Facebook. It's user-friendly and features a simple editing process.

    Paint.Net is for those interested in the drawing features on Photoshop. A great feature of Paint.Net is its unlimited "undo" option.

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    As a adobe Photoshop alternative you can use Gimp 2.6 version.Probably this is one the oldest most well known open source application software.this basically a graphic design software.

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    There are many photoshop Alternative the one which is a desktop application is GIMp which many are aware of, offcourse no other software can compare photoshop, they are spending million in developing, Other one is Online Photoshop which can be use from any broswer no need to download any application, when ever i am away with my pc, and do not find photoshop, or gimp on it, then i always use this site for quick fix my webpages, logos,
    Hope this Helps Thanks

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