I have a client with a flash magazine and one of the pages uses a flash swf to display an advert page.

The advert contains a loadMovie command to pull an image which is dynamically created every time it is pulled so that it can auto update each week etc.

Problem is that when flash gets to the part of the timeline where the movie clip containing this code pulling the dynamic image the flash plays but doesnt display the image for a few seconds and then it does but by then its almost too late and the next bit of the animation is playing.

So my question is, how do i preload the image from an external file into flash and have it display straight away at the point in the timeline I need it to without it having to load when it gets to that point.

Currently just using loadMovie to load the image file into a movie clip and have a php script that dynamically generates the right image to use each week etc so dont need help with that bit as thats working fine, just seems to be taking too long to load the image when it gets to that bit.

Thought I had fixed it by starting it earlier in the timeline hidden in the background but that seemed to work the other day but today not working again so ??

Thanks in advance.