Hi all,

New to Javascript and really struggling to get this resolved. hope you folks can help.

On our home page http://www.data.org.uk there are three images under the heading "NEW! for members". When a user clicks on an image the should be prompted with an alert box asking if they wish to join or not, then, depending on what they click - "join" or "Not Now" - they should either be presented with a sample pdf - if 'not now' clicked - or the joining screen - 'join' clicked - where they obviously join and get the full version.

[the problem]
When a user clicks an image the entire screen freezes and the user is then no longer able to click any other menus. Instead a box appears at the bottom left of the screen. I really struggle with javascript so I'm having difficulty finding what the problem could be.

[extra info]
The site is made using joomla

Any pointers as to what i should do / look for, would be a huge help.

Please get in touch if you require more info / anything else.

Kind regards