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Thread: Problems with IE7

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    Problems with IE7

    I have a web page that I am developing that has a problem only in IE7. There are elements on the page that are not displaying. They were there and then I made some css changes and now they are gone. They show up in IE8, Chrome, Safari & Firefox. I have tried to figure out what it is, but I haven't been able to. Thoughts


    On this tab there should be 2 more links on the bottom green bar that say FAQ & Calendar

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    Did you kep a copy of the web page as it was before you made the changes?
    - If so, I suggest reverting to the old code and making and testing each change separately. That way you can isolate the problem, and hopefully solve it.

    - If not, write out a thousand times "I must save my work". No, seriously, it is imperative that you set up an archive area (preferably off-line) and keep separate copies of the web site code as at each release/update. That way you can step back and isolate any problems.

    Making changes to already broken code is a mugs game. By the way, why are you supporting IE7 anyway?
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