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Thread: SEO folder names

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    SEO folder names

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to ask some help about SEO.

    How should I name my folders if my keyword is "on-line free advices"

    I should name it like:

    1. on-line-free-advices

    2. on-line_free_advices

    3 on-line free advices

    Considering folder names, how deep should it be 2-3?




    Many Thx!

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    MmorpGalaxy trick for you may implement into the overall structure of your website is the practice of naming all of the files and folders contained within your site with keywords, thus creating a series of more powerful and 'spider-friendly' URL's for the search engines to index. If you were to implement this file naming convention into your website as standard then this in turn would see your own URL links becoming filled with index able 'keywords', ultimately helping to boost your rankings considerably.
    Your website is filled with files that use plain, yet descriptive names in order to create some sort of logical organization of your site. Names such as...
    home.htm, about.htm, contact.htm, products.htm

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    Thanks for the answer but it is still not clear for me, how should I name my folder to get result "on-line advice" in the SEO

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    Thanks for everyone for the useful information!

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