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Thread: how to embed virtual keyboard to our webpage?

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    how to embed virtual keyboard to our webpage?

    just visited https://www.cimbclicks.co.id/ib-cimbniaga/Login.html "cimbClicks" , typed in userID (could be anything) and code textfield and then click login.
    There i can see a virtual keyboard showed below the password textfield.

    Does anybody know how to make that virtual keyboard or any reference to get the virtual keyboard that we can customize and embed it to our webpage? Thanks in advanced

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    THE URL provided references a jQuery plugin jquery.keypadlogin.js, thr first line of which is the URL:


    This link provides download links for the most recent version of the plugin plus a wide range of examples on how to use and customize the plugin, so I'd recommend checking here first.

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    thanks for the link, this is something that i need

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