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Thread: Shopping cart in javascript

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    Shopping cart in javascript

    Hi there i just wanted to ask how would i go about creating a shopping cart in javascript. i have basically got an html website created styled with css, i have created products in the website but how would i create a javascript shopping cart for users to store thier items they want to buy? thanks

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    There have been many attempts to create a shopping cart in JavaScript over the last decade and a half. So keep in mind from the start that there are lots of issues to handle. HTML5 local storage gives you a lot more flexibility than simple JavaScript alone, so you can at least create a framework without too much difficulty if you have a limited range of products to deal with. I'm sure if you search for "javascript shopping cart" you can find some examples to guide you.

    Generally, shopping carts are best done using server-based software that gives you access to real databases for product and customer data, interfaces to payment processors, easier maintenance, and much better security. If you can write JavaScript, you can learn a server-side language like PHP in a short time. Ultimately, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches and end up with a package that you can really use.
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    yeah i guess that will be a good step if you make it in a better way it can help people,Basically its always about how things works for the people who visit the place so for their comfort everything should be bothered.

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