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Thread: Integrating CodeIgniter with Wordpress

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    Integrating CodeIgniter with Wordpress

    This is causing me no end of grief, I thought I had cracked it but it seems I still have a problem.

    wordpress is at root level /
    codeigniter is off the root in /ci/

    I thought it was ok, I could call wordpress functions from codeigniter like get_header(); etc

    The first issue I had was I was unable to access the 'routes' attribute from a standard CI controller:


    'ci' was NULL.

    To resolve this issue I did; $this->ci = get_instance();

    Which seemed to fix it. Whether this is the correct way of doing so or not I don't know.

    I then have a login function, which commits some data to a session object. I do this in a Custom CI library class like so:

    $CI =& get_instance();

    'logged_in' => true,
    'user_id' => $row['user_id'],
    'username' => $row['username'],
    'user_type_id' => $row['user_type_fk'],
    'user_role' => json_encode($usr_role),
    'theme' => $row['theme_url']

    I have done a var_dump after this line on $CI->session->userdata and they have been set. Once logged in I redirect the user to another page, which uses a 'secure controller' (basically checks the user is logged in to access the page. This inherits from CodeIgniters standard 'CI_Controller'

    However, when I do $this->session->userdata on this page, there is a session there, but it has a different session_id and none of my previous userdata. Each time I refresh this page a new session id is created. This is not the functionality I expect at all. I expect this to have the same session id which is maintained throughout, including my previously set userdata.

    What am I doing wrong, and any suggestions?

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    If my memory is correct (which is never a sure bet), the out-of-the-box CI session functions are configured differently than "typical" PHP session use, including session IDs/data being essentially single-use (would explain why you get a new session ID on each request, I think?). If that conflicts with what you want/need to do, you may need to just use PHP's session_start() and $_SESSION array throughout, instead of depending upon the CI session class/methods, or see if CIs session class has configuration options that make it act more "normally"?).

    Or you could wait for a real CI expert to give a better answer. (I've used it on a few projects, but nothing recently.)
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    Ok this is very much related to Wordpress. If I remove the wordpress integration line from my CodeIgniter index.php this session issue is no longer present.

    It's as if wordpress is killing my ci session on each request.

    To clarify; removing this :
    require_once '../wp-blog-header.php';

    add_filter('site_url', 'ci_site_url', 1);

    function ci_site_url()
    return $config['base_url'];

    fixes it.

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    I'm now approaching 7 hours of looking at this and have googled it to death.


    I have tried:

    Adding session_start() to wp_config.php

    Turning off wp_unregister_GLOBALS

    Session is still being destroyed on each request.

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