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Thread: On-page and designing factors in search engine optimization

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    On-page and designing factors in search engine optimization


    what would you say about on-page and designing of web page in SEO, how effective they are, how should I do?

    Let me know!


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    Search engine optimization is an art. The on-page optimization strategy should also change accordingly for the years. But, on-page SEO is still holds importance with the right targeted keywords. And
    Obviously, Design of Your Website is the first and most important factor for any website. Your complete site design plays a very important role in you’re the overall search engine optimization of your website. Take utmost care while designing the layout or theme of the site.

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    There are many on-site SEO factors they are just among the fewer. While doing on-page SEO you must know what to and how to do on-page SEO. Once you get the idea you can make all your of webpages more user and search engine friendly.

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    1. Content

    By and far, the most important on-page factor for SEO is content. And not just any content—great content. Search engines are designed to work for the user, not the business. For a webpage to be indexable for a given keyword, it must have content that fulfills the user’s search query.

    2. Keywords

    Keywords have been the lifeblood of the SEO industry since the very beginning and are still one of the most critical factors for SEO success today, which is why any attempt to optimize a webpage for search should begin with keyword research.

    3. Page title

    Once you’ve chosen your keyword, you’ll want to make sure you include it throughout your webpage, especially in the page title. The page title is not the header. It’s what you see in search results and at the top of your browser window (see below).

    4. Meta description

    The meta description is what you see below your page title in search results. This is where you describe the content of the page for users. The goal is to get them to click on your listing. Search engines will often grab excerpts from your content and use them for the meta description if you don’t have one in place or if your description doesn’t seem relevant to the search.

    5. Keyword density

    Back in the early days of SEO, keyword density was all that mattered for SEO success. You could simply fill the page with your keyword of choice and top search rankings would follow. Obviously, search engine results suffered. Nowadays, broad keyword usage on a webpage is what matters most.
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