Hiya guys.
So im working on a new forum and ive done a little research and decided the best free forum software for the purpose I want is simple machines, based on couple of recommendations on forums and other review sites. I tend to rush into things while i have an idea and forget about them pretty quick if i dont rush into it. So ive started the forum and started posting. I have 4 members of which i am 1 my gf is 1 another online mate is 1 and the final is one that ive gained through a small amount of promotion, go me.
So i have a friend who is rather gd at the web development and makes a pretty gd full time living from it. I value his opinion greatly on all things to do with webdevelopment. Using his advice and guidance i have developed a number of low popularity sites. Although i value his opinion greatly i always like to research a little further usually coming round to his suggestions.
So as usual my friend recommends wordpress. I hadnt spoken to him in a few days and had rushed into simple machines and got it all up and running without consulting my friend. clever i was or dumb for jumping ahead?
Wordpress hadnt been a recommendation i had noticed while researching possible software for my site, i like xenforo and vbulletin but i dont want to invest that sort of money until i have progressed a little.
So do i start from scratch and lose my 1 member and go with wordpress which i have a lot more experience with or shall i stick it out with simple machines as i have already got to know the software a little.