I am currently working on a project for my employeer that involves collecting 360x180 imagery of hallways, classrooms, offices, labs etc. for emergency and first responder use. We are working with IPIX which provides an applet to view the images and links online. I am trying to link this view to a ESRI java api or some kind of "map" or "floorplan" that would allow you to select a point on a map and the corresponding image would be displayed in the ipix applet. I am new to java coding and have been intrusted with working out the solution for this without involving a programmer to save time and money. This website that i have provided the link to http://www.virtualpix.co.uk/webservi...oundfloor.html has a very similar layout to what i am trying to achieve, but they accomplish it within one single script and using a different class file. Any help would be welcome and appreciated.