Hey there,

First of all i hope im doing this in the right section, but i wasnt sure if this would be a scripting question or a regular web design question.

I have a couple of sites where i have different list, that i would like to get sorted/filtered in some nice looking/visual way.

I have found a couple site that use a method doing this, but since im very basi in anything webrelated in any way im not sure really what im looking for.

Here is a link to one of them http://xn--snabblnen-b3a.se/(just to claify the wierd adress, this is a swedish site with letters that is generally now "allowed" in adresses ie. "", "", "".

Is there a name for these kind of filters? like anything that i can search for on the web to find some information about it, how to make it etc. Any information i could get would be of big help.

As i said, i just need a name for this type of filter/sorter, or maybe some guidance where i can find some information, because right now im compltly out of luck myself.