Hey Forumers,

I have been careful to follow all tutorials I can find before requesting help, but this is super basic and for some reason I just cannot work it out...I have only been doing this stuff for a few weeks and am learning very very slowly...

I have just purchased a domain from crazydomains.co.uk, my new domain is nickwarner.co.uk

I have built my first ever html site, probably the most basic site you'll ever see, and I've hosted it at an existing site of mine, tickphoto.co.uk.
so the new site is tickphoto.co.uk/nickwarner.html (feel free to check it out!)

I want to FORWARD/REDIRECT so that when people visit nickwarner.co.uk they are rerouted to tickphoto.co.uk/nickwarner.html. In my kind of 'control panel' bit on crazy domains, there is an option to edit you 'name server settings' which I changed to my desired URL and IP address as instructed, this did nothing.

Upon further investigation I found out I needed to change my DNS settings, so again, I input where I wanted it to reroute to etc etc.

It all seemed to look right in control panel, but visiting nickwarner.co.uk still gives me nothing at alll...

Does anyone have any specific experience of using crazydomains and know what I need to input into where? this should be simple but I can get it working!

Thanks in advance...