Hi all,

we are a small development comapny having developers in europe and asia. Right now we are expanding to scandinavian market. We have one local representaive in Sweden, the company is registered there too. Two of our developers, can read/write swedish, but cannot fluently speak, so the only one who can fully communicate with clients is the representative. So I would like to start a discussion about what ways you use to communicate ideas, wishes, sketches etc. to the client.

Let's assume that marketing is taken care of.

1.) How do you communicate with a customer without getting to see him?
2.) Do you use any software to make the communication proccess easier? Something with drag and drop interface so the customer can interact as well.
3.) It may look like a normal freelance communication, but we would like to keep the company image as swedish as possible.

It obviously depends on the scope of projects and on the knowledge of customers, but we deal with everything from 5 page websites to more complicated systems.

I look forward to having a nice discussion