I'm looking to build a slideshow where the user can click on a button and it will take them to a different page in the site.

This is my layout of what I'm wanting to do.

I would like to have a list for each picture of the slideshow and then a button that would take the viewer to that particular page. I think understand how add a link to the code, but I'm not sure how to change the text to go along with it.

var imgArray = new Array(3); //this needs to be 15 in the end

imgArray[0] = new Image;
imgArray[0].src ="images/pic1.jpg";

imgArray[1] = new Image;
imgArray[1].src ="images/pic2.jpg";

imgArray[2] = new Image;
imgArray[2].src ="images/pic3.jpg";

var index = 0;

function cycle()
	document.banner.src = imgArray[index].src;
	if(index == 3)
	setTimeout("cycle()", 2000);