I have a form on one page (parent) with date, name, organization, email, and phone as text boxes, and one checkbox to except terms. All of the form fields can be addressed as document.formname.name.value. I have the form page working with "on submit" the form checks the data and browser type. If all is good it will send the data. I originally had this type of form submit to e-mail, but this one, I want to submit to another page with an iframe that has a google table embeded that I want to have the information to append after each submit. I have done passing variables before, but now like this, so I started with the code that I had from another project and changed some things from reading differnet forums, but it still isn't working. So, before I make too much of a mess here is what I have currently. What can I do to make this work.

Parent (form):

<script type ="text/javascript">

<!-- hide

function init() { window.parent.setUpFrame(); return true; }

// -->


<body onload="init();">

<form method="get" action="myPage_Table.html" enctype="text/plain" onsubmit="return (checkdata() && BrowserDetect.function())" NAME="formname" onkeydown="if ((event.which && event.which == 13) || (event.keyCode && event.keyCode == 13)) {document.formname.send;return false;} else return true;">

At this point my submit is working, except I am not sure if the variable are passing.

Child (iframe):


<script type="text/javascript">
String.prototype.parsePairs = function () // parse delimited string of name/value pairs
if (this.length == 0) return null; // return null for zero-length string
var p_delim = (arguments[0]) ? arguments[0] : '&'; // set default pair delimiter
var n_delim = (arguments[1]) ? arguments[1] : '='; // set default name delimiter
var items = this.split(p_delim); // split argument string into an array
var x, len = items.length; // get number of name/value pairs
for (x=0; x<len; ++x) // loop on name/value pairs

items[x] = items[x].split(n_delim); // split them and re-add to array
items[x][0] = unescape(items[x][0].replace(/\+/g,' ')).trimEnds(); // massage and trim name value
items[x][1] = (items[x][1]) ? unescape(items[x][1].replace(/\+/g,' ')).trimEnds() : ""; // massage

and trim data value
if (items[x][0].length > 0) { // add hash entry, also
if (typeof items[items[x][0]] == 'undefined') {
items[items[x][0]] = items[x][1];
} else { // use array for duplicate

hash entries
if (typeof items[items[x][0]] != 'object') {
items[items[x][0]] = new Array(items[items[x][0]]);
} // end loop
return items;
String.prototype.trimEnds = function () // trim white-space off both ends of object string
return this.replace(/(^\s+)|(\s+$)/g, ''); // return trimmed string

<script> // reading the variable
function setUpFrame() {
var frame = window.frames['frameId'];

<script type="text/javascript"> / / moving the variables to the table
var $_GET = top.location.search.substr(1).parsePairs();
frame.Date.value = $_GET[parent.document.formname.date.value];
frame.Name.value = $_GET[parent.document.formname.name.value];
frame.Organization.value = $_GET[parent.formname.disclaimer.org.value];
frame.E-mail.value = $_GET[parent.document.formname.email.value];
frame.Phone.value = $_GET[parent.document.formname.phone.value];
frame.Accept.value = $_GET[parent.document.formname.accept.value];

<iframe id="frameId" width='700' height='400' frameborder='0' src='https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?

key=(table info)=true&gid=0&output=html&widget=true'></iframe>