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Thread: Charity Website - Passing input data from Site A form to Site B form. Is it possible?

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    Charity Website - Passing input data from Site A form to Site B form. Is it possible?


    I am wondering if it's possible to have a user visit my website (Site A) and fill out a form that has first name, last name, email and a submit button. When the user hits submit, that information is emailed to me, but then the user is directed to this site (URL address blocked: See forum rules)=34971#donation-info where there is a form that is asking for some of the same information.

    I am wondering if any of that information that was gathered on my site (Site A) can be passed onto that Charity Water page and prepopulate those fields so that information does not have to be entered twice?

    Thank you for your help!!!

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    Hmm, going to try posting the URL again https://my.charitywater.org/p/donate...#donation-info

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    After your email sending logic, you can add functionality which posts form data to your new site as name-value pairs. Like this www.example.com?name=john&pass=pass. From here it is just a matter of extracting url parameters into your second form.

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    It depends on whether the charity site is set up to receive parameters, and whether they are GET or POST parameters. The URL of the charity site was removed, and there are a number of water charities with similar names, so I can't help further...
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