At when viewed at school lab, the two "Ryan" images do not display on Internet Explorer

var ultishow=new Array()
//ultishow[x]=["path to image", "OPTIONAL image link", "OPTIONAL target", "caption/Title"]

ultishow[0]=['miscImages/almostNude.jpg', 'life/index.html', '', '2011 Book Cover']
ultishow[1]=['book300/page39.jpg', 'life/index.html', '', 'Ryan Lawrence in Perelene 15x22 ']
ultishow[2]=['book300/page43.jpg', 'life/index.html', '', 'Ryan taking NY Dance world 	15X22']
ultishow[3]=['book300/page49.jpg', 'life/index.html', '', 'Kika with Swing	11x15']
ultishow[4]=['book300/page51.jpg', 'life/index.html', '', 'Miss Saturn from Behind	 11x15']

/*ultishow[5]=['still/43SantaAnaVineyard.jpg', 'other/index.html', '', 'Santa Ana Vineyard New Year Card']*/
The IT department at school has been doing some weird things blocking some images so I wonder if this is happening elsewhere on IE?

There is no problem on MACs on Firefox PC.