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Thread: Preemptive Use of Googl'es Disavow Tool

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    Preemptive Use of Googl'es Disavow Tool

    For general directories that we never asked to be listed on... is it a good idea to use the disavow tool for these types of links even if we haven't received any kind of penalty from Google?

    The author of this article (http://searchenginewatch.com/article...its-Case-Study) seems to think so... assuming your efforts to remove the link fail.

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    Thanks for letting me know about using this tool, it was really helpful to me, there is no doubt to it, really.

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    This tool can help in putting no credit to links or simply telling Google not to count the links as votes for the sites.

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    I would never use it if you haven't got a penalty. My gut feeling is Google knows about those auto-scraper sites way more it does about link networks (which could be something to worry about).
    By the way, here is a nice post about how to tell if you need to use the disavow tool at all http://www.link-assistant.com/blog/t...efore-disavow/

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