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Thread: Booking Calendar

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    Booking Calendar

    Any help is appreciated.

    My client needs a calendar to allow people to register for painting/drinking events at The Painter's Lounge.

    I've spent hours researching booking calendar software, plugins and third-party services. The results I've come up with that accept payment will process that payment immediately. The client wants to just take CC info to hold in case of a no show reservation.

    Here is an example of a similar business that uses a calendar and has what appears to be a form that will take the CC info and just save it rather than process it. http://www.canvasand****tails.com/ca...on=CherryCreek

    Is this the only solution? Or does anyone have a framework that would allow users to register for events and provide CC info to reserve the spot, but will not be charged?

    Thanks \(n-n)

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    There are a number of booking systems available. Why not use existing one that works and modify it so that it does not process payment immediately?

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