Connect your Magento Store to an ERP System

Real-time business decisions can be taken only if you have eCommerce store owners need to take real-time business decisions based on buying behaviour of their customers. eRetailers has to manage their online stores front and back-end inventory of their stores. eRetailers are left with two options, either they choose to manually update various systems, which is time consuming and can have inaccuracies which can lead to increase in downtime& transaction errors. eRetails can benefit by integrating their store with an ERP system (Openbravo ERP) to improve productivity and efficiency. Openbravo has ERP features tailored for e-Commerce workflows such as in Magento and can be accessed via admin panel available in Magento.

- Inventory Management and Stock availability
- Procurement Management
- Order Fulfilment Management
- Order Ship Drop Management
- Payment Reconciliation & Returns

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