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Thread: Sudden problem with IE and location ?

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    Sudden problem with IE and location ?

    I've been using the following code without problems for the past 5 years or so to check that an iframe has been launched from its parent:

    	echo "<script type='text/javascript' language='javascript'>\n";
    	echo "if (top.location == location) {\n";
    	echo "location.href='./index.php?func=loggedout&q=1'\n";
    	echo "}\n";   
    	echo "</script>\n";
    Suddenly, in the past couple of days it's stopped working in some versions of IE which I'm guessing might be due to a javascript update that some users of the site have had while others haven't. No problems with Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

    Can anyone suggest why

      if (top.location == location)
    should no longer function as expected all of a sudden?

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    update: was wondering if the problem might be resolved by using window.top.location and window.location instead? Will give it a go and see what happens.

    further update: appears to have made no difference, problem remains.
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    You'd be better off comparing top.location.href and location.href, since some browsers have a separate location object for top and child location objects, even it they have the same href. Two objects are never equal, even if they have all the same properties.

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