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Thread: How to use your own domain name?

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    How to use your own domain name?

    After the domain name registration, how you can use your own domain name the build your own internet services system. It is often also of interest to the user. So, how to design your own online image? Here are some suggestions, hoping to play, "initiate ôrole.

    1, the establishment of one of their own emails system, so that every employee of the unit with their own company domain name can send and receive e-mail.
    2, to set up a company's home page
    3, marked your website address in your advertising

    These are just a small suggestion; while you are registering a domain name you can ask our staff for free consultation about the specific procedures for transport to do.

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    Hi, Susan I would say that If you bought the domain name for personal branding purposes, the most common thing to do with the domain is to use it for your personal brand’s website. Much less but almost as impressive is to use the domain for your email too. When you surf the web, the webpages you visit are simply groups of files that your browser copied from another computer over the Internet.

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