StakeMyRep is an online accountability social platform startup based in Canberra, Australia. It gamifies everyday activities in a fun a contentious way. We’ve recently received seed-funding from a startup incubator, and are in the final stages of launching our minimum viable product in a closed alpha environment. Initial user testing was extremely positive.

We have a friendly team of three with many years experience in the development and communication industry.

We are looking for a freelance developer who is interested in improving their skills and being involved in a fairly sophisticated web application. PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript skills are required, and if you are an intermediate developer we can help teach you. If you are interested in volunteering some time, we can offer below industry remuneration (and of course reward you as we gain traction).

Without the fluff, we are confident that StakeMyRep will become an interesting gamification based web application with the potential to evolve into a targeted suite of apps.

Please email to have a chat about this opportunity.