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Thread: Review my free web directory!

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    Review my free web directory!

    Hello all! Please review my website And you are welcome to submit your websites at my free web directory - www.gosubmiturl.com
    There are some additional functions like commenting other websites and integrated web map of all regisred websites!
    Best Regards!
    Submit your URL at Open Directory www.livewebmap.com
    Free classifieds website - www.wikiboard.net

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    Well, the design isn't very appealing, but in this case it doesn't have to be...
    But what's up with the web map? I expected a geo location kind of thing,
    but I opened it in 3 different browsers and it's just a random bunch of pixels!?
    Another thing: the registration form seems to allow only 20 characters which might not always be enough.
    But other than that a good site.

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    - Why is this "Dot color and Dot coord." is important this is the first site where I found this option.
    - The short desc field is short for me.
    - I've filled everything and can not push the "register my website" button. (Maybe it is a bug)

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