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Thread: Validate if uploaded file is png or jpg with php

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    Validate if uploaded file is png or jpg with php

    I am using the below script to validate if uploaded files are image for a multiple upload form. Everything works but I want to further validate that the uploaded files are png or jpg only. How do I accomplish this? I am new to php so any help will be appreciated. thanks.

    PHP Code:
            $images = array();
    $pic $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'];
    $pic as $image){
    $image)) {
    $errors['image_error'] = "PNG and JPG Files ONLY.";

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    Assign the results of getimagesize() to a (array) variable, then either look at index 2 for the applicable IMG_* constant value or else index 'mime' for the mime-type.
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    The script I gave you in your previous thread has worked without error
    on over two-dozen websites for over two years. It validates according
    to what you populate the $allowtype() array with.

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