Hello WP Lovers!

A very good news for you all. I have developed a WordPress plugin called "Skrill With Currency Conversion" which will convert the two currencies dynamically and give you a correct amount in Skrill Payment page with the converted currency. Basically this plugin is very useful for bloggers who are willing to sell their little goods like Ebooks, DVD's, CD's, PDF, EPUB, PSD, Vector files and for little physical goods.
It uses a short-code functionality which can be posted on page or a post of your WordPress blog. You can see magic of conversion done with the currency amount specified in your short-code of page or post, which will dynamically changes to new currency & displays relevant amount in Moneybookers(Skrill) payment page.

If any of you need this plugin, just reply to me here anytime & I'll provide you link for it. And ofcourse, am selling this plugin for just very small amount.

Note: If anyone need assistance & have any doubts, reply to me and I'll help you with this awesome small WordPress plugin.