Hello, I've written a code that menat to do the following:
I've got the form where users enters an URL link and a keyword. The website should be accessed and occurence of the keyword is counted and then the result is sent to a SQLite database. But the problem is the following:
every time I enter URL link, I receive a message:
Warning: file_get_contents(www.google.com) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in E:\wwwroot\add.php on line 33
Could not open URL!
Any ideas on how to fix this bug? Thanks in advance.


//Open connection with a database
$db=sqlite_open("search.db", 0666, $sqliteerror);

$URL = $_POST['URL'];
$keyword = $_POST['keyword'];

//If no URL entered:
if( !$URL )
   die( "You need to define a URL to process." );

//Check whether entered URL is already recorded: 
$handle = sqlite_query($db,"SELECT page_id FROM page WHERE page_url = \"$URL\"");
$row = sqlite_fetch_array($handle, SQLITE_ASSOC );

if( $row['page_id'] )

//if yes, use old page_id:
   $page_id = $row['page_id'];
//If not, a new line containing URL is created:
sqlite_query($db,'INSERT INTO page (page_url) VALUES ("$URL")');
$page_id = sqlite_last_insert_rowid($db);

//Open URL contents and start parsing through the text for creating index in a database:
if( !($fd = file_get_contents($URL,"r")))
 die( "Could not open URL!" );

while( $buf = fgets($fd,1024) )
 //Extract all words matching the regexp from the current line: 

  // Loop through all words/occurrences and insert them into the database:
   for( $i = 0; $words[$i]; $i++ )
      for( $j = 0; $words[$i][$j]; $j++ )
         //Checking whether a current word already has a record in the database:
        $cur_word = addslashes( strtolower($words[$i][$j]) );
		$handle = sqlite_query($db,"SELECT word_id FROM word WHERE word_word = '$cur_word'");
		$row = sqlite_fetch_array($handle, SQLITE_ASSOC );
        if( $row['word_id'] )
            //if yes, the old word id is used:
            $word_id = $row['word_id'];
            //if not, a new word is created:
            sqlite_query($db,'INSERT INTO word (word_word) VALUES (\"$cur_word\")');
$page_id = sqlite_last_insert_rowid($db);

         //Registering the occurence of the word into a database:
sqlite_query($db,'INSERT INTO occurrence (word_id,page_id) 
                      VALUES ($word_id,$page_id)');


 //Searching the database of URL, keywords and occurencies of keywords:
   $handle = sqlite_query($db," SELECT p.page_url AS url,
                           COUNT(*) AS occurrences 
                           FROM page p, word w, occurrence o
                           WHERE p.page_id = o.page_id AND
                           w.word_id = o.word_id AND
                           w.word_word = \"$keyword\"
                           GROUP BY p.page_id
                           ORDER BY occurrences DESC
                           LIMIT $results" );
						    //Display of search results:
   print "<h2>Search results for '".$_POST['keyword']."':</h2>\n";
   for( $i = 1; $row = sqlite_fetch_array($handle); $i++ )
      print "$i. <a href='".$row['URL']."'>".$row['URL']."</a>\n";
      print "(occurrences: ".$row['occurrences'].")<br><br>\n";