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Thread: custom plugin: how properly return results?

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    Question custom plugin: how properly return results?

    I'm creating my first jQuery plugin to easy get needed data without repeating the same scripts for different elements. I'd like to my plugin could get things like: width, height, position and more of specified element and his parent (I'll need them to use later) in forms like:

        $('element').myPlugin(); // will return all
        $('element').myPlugin(width); // will return only width
        $('element').myPlugin(width, height); // will return width and height
    I don't know the way how to get data from plugin in proper form. I tried to figure it out but always get "undefined" or [Object object] as result. I'll be grateful if someone could give me example how my "[[?]]" part should look:

        	$.fn.myPlugin = function(options) {
        		var defaults = {
        			width: this.width(),
        			height: this.height(),
        			parentWidth: this.parent().width(),
        		var options = $.extend(defaults, options);
            return this.each(function () {
        	var $this = $(this);

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    this.each always returns the original jQuery element object wrapper on each index.

    use .map( if you want to specify a return value.
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