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Thread: [RESOLVED] How can i convert my website Asp into a Html?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] How can i convert my website Asp into a Html?

    Hello I have heard of SEO is prefer Html to Asp.
    We are Trade company about Boat Accessories and Fishing Accessories.
    Some months ago, i built my website by other compay.
    But now, i find the website is aspx.
    How can i transfer this asp to html?
    Could you please give me some advice?
    Thank you!

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    Converting to pure HTML is simple - just save out the page source.

    The problem you'll have is that you can't replicate server-side events in HTML since HTML is not a programming language and can only create static pages. The best you could do is use some client-side scripting (JavaScript) to try and add some enhanced functionality to your pages, but this is very much dependent on what you are trying to achieve.

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    Apparently he did the conversion. Now he wonders if he shouldn't have.

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