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    Best Article Marketing Tip

    Every blog or website needs traffic. Without traffic, you cannot gain revenue. Article marketing has high potential for consistent targeted traffic. Make a checklist of the following article marketing tips.

    The following are 5 article marketing tips:

    Article Marketing Tip #1 Submit Frequently

    The more articles you post, the more traffic you will get. Submit articles often and consistently. The more you post, the more you will be seen as an authority figure. You will also win a lot of search engine traffic as Google crawlers love frequent posting and up your rankings.

    Article Marketing Tip #2 Resource Box

    Create a resource box with high ctr keywords. Make an interesting resource box so people will be driven to click on your link. Inform them of some kind of benefit, like more information on your blog about the topic relating to your article.

    Article Marketing Tip #3 Flow

    Write with good spelling and grammer. Keep your sentences to the point and make them flow well. Reread your articles to make sure they sound as best as possible. Use engaging elements like lists or bold tags to keep readership and grab attention.

    Article Marketing Tip #4 Shorter Articles

    Short articles work better than long articles. Your readers are not coming to your site to read a book assignment. They come to learn something quick and to the point. Shorter articles work better than longer ones and have a better chance of driving traffic to your link.

    Article Marketing Tip #5 Links

    Create high quality links to your articles. It will help in Google page rank and therefore, increase your visitors.

    I hope these article marketing tips help!

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    1. Find High Traffic Keyword or Phrase – You must do a little research here but find a high traffic keyword or phrase you want to rank for in google with low to moderate competition. Preferably you want the keyword to be receiving at least 700 to 1000 hits per month. This keyword or phrase should be easy to find for just about any niche. You can use the google keyword tool for this job.

    2. Write Original Content (Article) Optimized With Keyword – This original content should be completely original and should have the keyword in title and throughout the article.

    You can outsource this process or write the article yourself. I suggest outsourcing it if you have the money. Prepare to pay anywhere from $5 to $10 dollars and article. If your budget is tight just write the article.

    3. Publish This Content On Authority Site – If you don’t have a blog you should publish the original content on a site that has good page rank. You can find a site that has good page rank by doing a google search for your keyword or phrase and looking for a site that is already ranking high for that keyword or phrase. Once you find one, publish your article on that site. Ex. *************, articlesbase, squidoo, and for videos youtube.
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    Thanks for sharing, content is still number one and if you have quality content the rest will just follow.

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    Article Marketing is a part of SEO techniques and provide help in online business promotion by generating backlinks and getting traffic for the Website.

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