Dell latitude D820, New os, No Drivers, No internet, Needs correct files.

Last year i brought a cheap dell latitude d820 (50 )
It has been getting progressively worse and worse until a few days ago it just wouldn't turn on, despite various attempts in the boot menu stuff. So i decided to dig out my old unofficial windows XP disk and start a fresh, all my work is clouded...
So i reboot and reformat and my laptop lives, faster than ever!
Without many major drivers including the ones to get it online...

I have found the driver section at dell, but their all exe's, tried using a few but no luck, the 'package' download just trys to download what you need, but i have no internet on this laptop.
(no this one obviously).

Well that's it, its a dell latitude d820 with no internet and no drivers (and no usb). What files do i need do burn to a disk to make this computer work?