I'd like to have a function which would return one or more variables connected to element, for example return color of specified border or borders (would use jQuery to it):

$('element').borderColor(); // should return "red, blue, green, orange"
$('element').borderColor('left'); // should return "red"
$('element').borderColor('left', 'right'); // should return "red, green"
and so on.

Here's example: http://jsfiddle.net/DkGpP/

Question 1: How should I construct part of script (which is actually if/else) to return only what I want (actually $('element').borderColor('left', 'right'); still showing only "red")?

Question 2: Can arguments in my function can be called without apostrophes like:

$('element').borderColor(left, right);
if yes, how to rebuild it (actually show "undefined").

I'll be grateful for help.