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Thread: css coding cost?

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    css coding cost?

    Currently I have a 3 page layout design designed however styling it in css and to get it work properly in all browsers isn't quite mine thing and I get issue's from that stand alone that I can do the rest of the coding job mine self regarding with html/ajax/xml/php and mysql.

    So just for the css coding how much would a person cost to do it for me and how do I know I got the correct person that can fix it in all browsers not that one who hates IE.

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    My opinion is that minimum hourly rate starts from $20 and up. You can try to outsource work for lower price, but you can expect that quality will in most cases match the price you paid. Elance, Freelancer are portals on which you can post your project and see an estimate of price for your project, based on the bids.

    A good start to determine if person is capable to solve your issues, is to go over their portfolio. Check if websites are responsive, cross-browser and if they are made with bought html/css template or not.

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