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Thread: Backlinks from IP Address

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    Backlinks from IP Address

    according to our backlink profile, we have roughly 60,000 backlinks from an ip address. last week, it was about 20,000.

    no one at our office knows anything about this ip address. i never asked for these links and have disavowed them.

    has this happened to anybody else? if so, how do we stop it?

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    Google always discourage to create any bulk back links by using any paid / free back links tools/software. Google prefer always natural, unique , relevant back links. i think you or somebody in favor of you used black hat SEO method.
    Firstly you have to identify the IP address using whois.com.
    I would suggest changing your IPs if possible.

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    Yeah even it has been happened with me before. Disavowing them you have done good job.

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    If you are doing link building then IP address is also considered and IP address should be unique, if you are getting most of the links from one IP address then it is not too good, I would say..

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