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Thread: How can i reduce the negative impact google ?

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    How can i reduce the negative impact google ?

    Some days ago, I have converted my Website ASP into HTML.
    I am scared that will be bad to google SEO.
    Whether to have an impact on SEO ?
    How to reduce the negative impact ?
    Could you please give some advice ?

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    Hi, Zetar Don't worries about that. Because Google doesn't know. And doesn�t care whether your site is ASP, HTML, or anything else.

    But if you have to be more exact, all sites are HTML. Server-side languages like ASP generate HTML, and sendsit to the browser. If you hand-coded the HTML then the browser renders it in the same way. It doesn't care how it got there.

    If you have re created your site then of course, there might be other SEO issues arising. But just switching away from ASP isn't one of them.

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