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Thread: What do you think of PageRank and Traffic?

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    What do you think of PageRank and Traffic?

    What do you think of PageRank and Traffic?

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    Page Rank and Traffic both are different things I would say you should gain traffic first, if you are getting traffic then page rank would increase itself.
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    Page Rank and Traffic both are dissimilar mechanism because page rank depends on traffic and we can improve traffic from off-site Seo
    like social bookmarking on high pr sites, unique articles submissions on high pr sites, blog posting, forum submission these are link building process which create back links on website i.e increase traffic on website when increase traffic of website also increase page rank of website.

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    1. PageRank adds weight and authority to your website
    The higher a page is ranked, the better it will perform in organic search results.

    2. A high PageRank measures the webpage's popularity
    Your PageRank score is a crude way of measuring your website's popularity. The more sites linking back to your website is an indication that people consider your articles valuable - which is why they consider reading your content. The inbound links increase your traffic. Your high score simply means that you have valuable links – Google uses this factor to come up with a ranking algorithm.

    3. Frequent indexes
    If your website's pages have a high PageRank score, the Google spider is more likely to visit your site to index your articles or content. Google as well as other search engines prefer sites which get updates on a regular basis. In return, your webpage gets a high page rank which is also the search engine's way of flagging sites which need to be indexed more frequently.

    4. Advertisers use your PageRank as basis for ad placements
    If you want to generate income from search engine marketing such as paid links, pay per click or banner ads, how much you will get will largely depend on your page rank. The higher your page rank is, the higher your advertisers will pay you.
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    What do you think of pagerank and traffic

    Page-rank or traffic is one of the part of growing business.Traffic is the things which generate by some tips or tricks one of the search engine optimization or other is social media optimization and new is Email marketing.

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    Page-rank is a link analysis algorithm given by Google to give importance to a webpage from 0 to 10.
    Traffic means how many visitors visit your website for a particular time duration.
    PR is beneficial only if you want a good selling price for your domain/website.
    Even an unwanted website can get better PR if it starts getting backlinks through comments and stuff.
    Alexa rank and DA is what matters.

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    Yes thats right, but how much traffic should we expect on our website to increase its pagerank? Can anyone tell me this here?

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