I'm currently using Drupal 7 and I'm using the Form API to generate the form. What I'd like is for certain fields to be represented by a link, which when clicked on, opens the field in some kind of lightbox. This is what I tried, but it doesn't seem to work:

'#prefix' => "<a href=\"/screen #snvisdt_note_div\" rel=\"lightmodal\" title=\"Add Note\" >note\</a> <div id=\"snvisdt_note_div\" style=\"display:none;\">",
'#type' => 'textarea',
'#title' => 'Add More Information',
'#suffix' => "</div>",

"screen" is the name of the page the form is on. I am trying to do this in Lightbox 2, but would be happy to use some other solution, if it works. Can someone please give me an example of what would work?