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    web project

    hi all,
    i am new in this forum and i need a help
    i have a web project to present it in this summer, i taked a phpmysql course in 2010 but cz of little practice i forget it today....
    while navigating on the net i found the same project did by some students and putted online,does this can help me?
    can i take their website with all the database or its impossible to get the database of a website?
    waiting ur reply
    thank u

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    Hi, 350z
    Yes, Of course this will be help to upgrade your knowledge.

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    i'm sorry, you lost me. as far as i know you need to access phpadmyadmin to see the databases (i might be wrong though, not a programmer myself).
    i suggest you look your materials over and refresh your knowledge, you sure have some study material from that time preserved.

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